Data-intensive research for real-world impact

RDA Plenary and C3DIS adapt for online viewing! We thank organisers for their work to enable us to contribute to the new program, and look forward to sharing more video recordings of our presentations here as they become available in 2020.

RDA 15th Plenary

This Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary meeting aims to link regional and global researchers and data professionals to learn more about the exciting activities and developments in the Australian data landscape. We’ll take a global approach across these activities: 

Keynote Speech: The Role of Data in a Rapid and Coordinated Response to Infectious Disease Outbreaks Ms Priyanka Pillai

Talk: Challenges in professionalizing data stewardship: how can the RDA contribute to solving them? Dr Aleks Michalewicz and Gene Melzack

Talk: Libraries building bridges & capacities: Updates & discussion on current topics Kristal Spreadborough and Gene Melzack

C3DIS Virtual

The Collaborative Conference on Computational and Data Intensive Science 2020 (C3DIS Virtual) aims to build a national community of practice of scientists, researchers, and computing, data and information management specialists from public sector research organisations around data-intensive problem solving. In the adapted program, we contribute case studies of about research that needs large scale, complex computations and analyses to be carried out over massive data sets including:

Talk: HPC simulations of the early Universe Dr Simon Mutch

Talk: Melbourne Data Analytics Platform Dr Edoardo Tescari

Talk: Machine Learning approaches to timeseries predictions – Victorian pollen season 2019 Ms Usha Nattala

Talk: Enriching large-scale Twitter data: a case study Ms Kim Doyle and Dr Daniel Russo-Batterham