light blue glowing digital outline of two skyscrapers against a blue background

May Seminar: Digitisation of the built environment – data, analytics and modelling for urban digital twins

Tuesday 10 May, 12pm – 1pm
Online via Zoom

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About the seminar

We are seeing an unprecedented global move towards the digitisation of the built environment, driven by national and international urban digital twin initiatives. These initiatives aim to improve real-time and longer term strategic decision making, planning and investment.

Significant progress has been made in the development of built environment digital twins. But, we need to address major challenges to realise their full potential. This talk will use case studies to explore data, analytical and simulation modelling approaches used to develop real-time and strategic planning urban digital twins of the built environment.


Stuart Barr is Director of the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) and also Professor of Urban Data Science at the University of Melbourne. Prior to joining AURIN in 2020, he was Professor of Geospatial Systems Engineering at Newcastle University in the UK. Stuart’s research focuses on the development and use of geospatial data, analytics and modelling for integrated urban-infrastructure systems analysis.




two light blue digital outlines of skyscrapers against a blue background