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Seminar: Building secure solutions for health data needs

Tuesday 29 November
12pm – 1pm
Hybrid event: In person at Melbourne Connect and online via Zoom

Talk includes a 30 minute interactive presentation followed by open discussion, informal networking and a light lunch.

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About the seminar

Working with health data can be an arduous process. There are specific infrastructure requirements as well as numerous governance and ethical considerations. In this seminar, health data specialist Priyanka Pillai will talk about the landscape of health informatics and how collaborating with BioGrid Australia helps researchers overcome the various challenges in working with health data.

BioGrid enables clinical medical researchers to amplify the power of their research by finding and leveraging other relevant research data by providing a secure, connected technology platform with all the required governance and ethics clearances organised for the researchers.

About the speaker

Priyanka Pillai is a health data specialist based at the Melbourne Data Analytics Platform (MDAP) at the University of Melbourne and the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. Priyanka uses her computer science skills and biomedical sciences background to collaborate with researchers on various health data projects.

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Presented by BioGrid Australia and MDAP.