• mquiroga
  1. August 2021 MDAP Seminar

    The repliCATS project, by Dr Fallon Mody & Dr Martin Bush


  2. MDAP newsletter – May

    Welcome to the MDAP newsletter! Our aim here is to share with you highlights from our MDAP collaborations, information about our MDAP seminar series, key dates for training and research partnership applications, and random cool stuff we have stumbled upon and would like to share.


  3. May 2021 MDAP Seminar

    The Epoch of Incredulity: Data, Narrative & Contemporary Crisis, by Dr Tyne Daile Sumner


  4. Introducing Bobbie


    Bobbie is our resident genomics wizard, who knows a thing or two about data pipelines and draws inspiration from the film Mad Max and his two dear whippet babies. Meet our much loved social ‘glue’ of MDAP, Bobbie!